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March 16, 2009


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Jennie C.

Hello Renee, I was checking the blogs that Jim Paris has for working at home employment and yours spiked an interest, don't know why but I see we've gone through some of the same experiences in life. Just wanted to say, congratulations on starting the process of changing your life to better your health. You sure want to be there for your grandchildren, they're so fun to be with. And you want to be able to go for walks with them and take them to the park. They will test your ability to keep up with them. Not only do we owe it to our family to take care of our health but God, who gave us these bodies to take care of because if we've invited him to live in us, how can we focus with all the chemicals in our bodies that distract us from doing His work, He should be priority before anything else. Live for Him, first and foremost, read His Word before your day gets too busy. Commit to Him that you'll push to take care of what He gave you and with God behind you, it's a sure thing, you will succeed. I have to battle that too and I know how I feel if I don't read the scriptures first. I'm reading the whole Bible from the beginning, it's a study. I've learned so much just doing it alone through Pathway Ministries monthly guide book. I'll keep you in prayer for strength, wisdom and encouragement.


I love your site. Thumbs up with your efforts to change your lifestyle because it can be done. Where the is a will there is a way. You have to nip it in your head!!!

Renee Henderson

Well....not really very well. It is a lifestyle change and it's a little hard for me to stick to right now. I'm still trying, though. I'm not giving up. It just may take a while for some things to stay with me and to see a difference.


So what's the latest? How's it going?


I commented this morning but don't know where it went...maybe I didn't hit "post" after previewing it.

Anyway, good luck! Remember that it truly does have to be a lifestyle change and it won't happen overnight. It is better for it to take a while and for you to be allowed the time to make those changes permanent, rather than for it to come off quick and you go back to your old habits thinking, "well, if I put it back on I'll just do this or this to lose it again."

Fruits and Veggies.
Watch your calorie intake.
Ditch the sugar.

Have fun and get into it!


I'm with you sister!!!! I am currently living healthy on weight watchers and it truly is a lifestyle change!!! I don't feel like I'm on a "diet" I still get to eat things I like so I am very happy with it...if you want to work together or need some support just send me a message or give me a call!!!

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